Be market’s leader and always the best option for our customers, employees, shareholders and the community in general, being the chosen employer within all maritime agencies and their associated businesses, with committed personnel, proud to be working for the company.

Provide services that exceed expectations, contributing efficiently to our customer’s success in all our areas of responsibility and influence, through a reliable business organization, respectable and impartial to provide its employees with opportunities for development and growth.

INTEGRITY: We encourage high standards of behavior that go beyond any code or regulation. From this principle comes away values such as loyalty and cooperation with all our stakeholders and commitment to people and environmental care.

EXCELLENCE: We put forward challenging goals that require great attention to detail not only in the most complex projects but also in everyday work. Professionalism and responsibility are this principle’s basis.

CREATIVITY: We deeply seek to exceed our customer’s expectations, acting in a consistently and imaginative way to find alternatives and solutions to their requirements. Proactivity and innovation allow this principle to be put into action.


    We offer you daily information about the draft situation from Parana River, Uruguay and most of Argentine ports.

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    Updated information is provided on vessel’s positions through our line-ups including all the major Argentine ports.

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    We’ve gathered all ports and terminals information and specifications along the Argentine coast.

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