Confidential Policy

When personal information is required to be used or to interact with our website, this policy states that its name, postal address, e-mail address or phone number are private and confidential. Personal information you provide to AMI is filed in a secure location to which only authorized personnel have access. Same may be used only for the purpose for which you have given it, as the answer to a question or sending materials requested.

We’ll never provide member’s e-mail addresses to third parties. Member’s postal addresses may be shared with third parties only to send you information regarding your membership and/or profession.


Information disclosure to third parties

Personal information is collected as one function of AMI’s website and it’s not shared with third partes, except when done in fulfillment with the purpose for which you have provided it, or if it’s requested by a legal entity. Please note that member’s list is available on a section of the site reserved for members only, to which only members and affiliates have access.